Seal found napping in Tasmania toilet

Seal found in Tasmania public toilet

An Australian fur seal that fell asleep in a public toilet block in Tasmania has been safely relocated.

A council work crew was startled to find the 16 stone seal, who they named Sammy, taking a nap in the women’s toilets at Mersey Vale Lawn Cemetery on Tuesday.

The cemetery is about 500m from the Sea and it is believed Sammy may have swum up a creek to reach it.

Sammy reported that there was a lack of toilet paper in the cubicles but otherwise it was very clean and pleasant smelling! 

Sammy the Seal was returned to a beach in Tasmania from the toilet just a few hours later. 

Read more about this story here. Have you ever found something strange in a public toilet? Let us know!

August 10, 2016 12:00 am

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