Coin Collection and Management

Approximately 50% of the toilets we manage have some form of cash or token entry system.  Coin collection needs to be managed on a regular basis. The cash needs to collected, counted, banked and audited. We manage this process through our network of staff, and provide a variety of different services to our clients depending on their requirements.

The key point of use revenue systems are paddle gates and automatic door locks. Both work by preventing entry without payment of the appropriate fee, but allow free exit.

Entry to the toilet can take the form of:

  • Coins e.g. 20p per toilet.
  • Contactless Payment via your debit or credit card.
  • Key, a member of staff or RADAR key holder could use their key.
  • RFID, this can be a top up type card or tag held by the user.
  • Token or keypad.

We are also able to offer differentiated pricing for different user groups. In the simple way that a Radar key can used to access, thereby offering free entry, so to can an RFID tag be used in company with a different payment.

Please Click here for more information on Paddle gates or Click here for Door based systems

coin collection for public toilets

Healthmatic’s CoinPay range of payment machines are designed to provide a secure, effective and simple means of customer cash payment. It is designed to fulfil a need for a simple, compact cash payment machine to provide a revenue generation opportunity where other machines may be too bulky or expensive.

The extremely rugged nature of the unit means it shrugs off vandalism; a 3mm thick stainless steel fascia, anti-jemmy flanges and high quality locks ensure cash is well protected. The CoinPay unit may be connected to a strike lock, timer, barrier, small pay and display car parks, door, hairdryer, washing machine, dispenser, computer – the list is endless. The unit is designed for installation by an electrician, thus saving on installation cost.