Modular Building – Fast, Flexible and Consistent Quality

Healthmatic has been designing, building and installing our range of robust modular buildings since 1988. Our in-house design team will create a fully functional design which incorporates your requirements and ideas. We will ensure it complies with relevant building regulations but is bespoke to your specific needs.

Our modern construction techniques can produce buildings suitable for all environments and uses. Specific structural designs are available, as is integrated remote access management and monitoring. Our specialisms are in robust buildings and awkward, often bespoke construction.

Our Project Management Team will take as much of the strain as you wish. From early stages of conception, we can take full responsibility for the preparation, delivery, installation and commissioning of your modular building. Our team will manage any necessary building warrants, groundworks, utility connections and fit out.

Why Build Modular?

We all have the image of the prefabricated classroom in the school yard, but these days are long gone. Build quality and consistency make offsite construction the No.1 choice for many locations.

Faster Timeframes – Your overall project time can be reduced by over 60%.

Affordability – Expedited delivery program which keeps your costs down.

Consistent controlled quality – We adhere to ISO9001 processes to ensure consistent quality.

Overall Flexibility – Build to any size as well as single or multi-storey.

Strong Steel Frames – Up to 60 year warranty of the buildings.

Environmental construction – Healthmatic practice environmental responsibility and adhere to ISO14001.