Refurbished Direct Access Toilets

Traditional toilet converted to Direct Access Touchfree Public Toilet

Most current toilets can become refurbished public toilets, adapted to accommodate direct access toilet cubicles which can be used for “changing places”, accessible toilets, unisex or gender specific toilets. This means that a refurbished toilet is the perfect solution for upgrading your existing public toilets in to something more effective for the modern day.

This approach brings you all the advantages of the modular toilets, while reducing the physical and environmental costs of the work. It will also typically lead to less planning and associated issues with a site.

However it is never worth refurbishing a toilet, just because its convenient. Is it in the right location? Is the building long term viable? Are there better uses for the site than a toilet, and should the toilet be moved elsewhere? Our team have years of experience helping our clients to answer these questions. We will work with you to ensure that you are making the right choices regarding a new or refurbished public toilet for your community.

The toilet can be fitted with a modem connected to head office which is aware of all activity, including cleaner and engineer visits. Our signature HM Control system can monitor the usage of the toilets as well as the number of cleaner visits, engineer visits and many more statistics. We have installed these toilets for over 100 Local Authorities including BrightonBathTorbayNorth Somerset, and York and all have seen a reduction in costs and an improvement in the benefits.

refurbished public toilet salisbury
Salisbury Bus Station Public Toilets

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