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We aim to be Ireland's leading provider of public facilities.

Modular Changing Places

Changing places that are delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit.

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Outstanding Public Toilets

We provide the provision and management of outstanding Public Toilets; the installation of innovative Modular Buildings; the implementation of offsite systems for Footfall Counting and Data Capture, and other associated services. To do this, we work with Public Authorities to improve quality of life for the general public as well as lowering costs and increasing revenue.

The Team

Our team of engineers and operatives deliver a comprehensive management service to the wide range of assets we support. This includes cleaning and maintenance, as well as repair and replacement of equipment and facilities. To achieve this, we employ people from all over the country, which provides jobs in small towns and rural areas as well as larger urban areas. This means that our assets are looked after by local people.

The Area

We have designed and installed new amenity buildings for most tiers of Local Government, tourism departments, environmental groups and transport hubs. We also provide maintenance and cleaning services to over 165 Public Authorities across the UK and Ireland.

Key Services

Smarter Public Toilets

Public toilets don’t need to cost the earth. Appropriate use of automation, targeted resources, and strategic charging all act to keep costs low. Healthmatic designs, builds and manages public toilets in Parks, Urban areas and increasingly Changing Places toilets. Our local teams will look after you and your toilets and help you make the best decisions for your local community around how to operate your facilities.
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Footfall & Data

We manage over fifteen hundred offsite locations on behalf of our clients. From outdoor footfall along with bicycle and vehicle counting as well as asset monitoring, we have a range of systems for sensing and communicating data via our web portal. Our systems provide objective offsite data, straight to your desktop. This allows you to manage your facilities as well as reacting to potential issues in real time.
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Access Management

Healthmatic provides and maintains access systems for toilets, parks, recreation grounds and public buildings. Our main products are designed to raise revenue from buildings and spaces like toilets and libraries which are accessible to the public. These can be operated with coins or tokens, as well as contactless cards and Radar keys. We also install timed access solutions and bespoke solutions for community halls.
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Changing Places

Our pre-fabricated Changing Places are delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit. This minimises disruption to any existing buildings, whilst accelerating build times and improving quality control.
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Specialist Operations

As well as managing a vast number of public toilets for Councils, our team of engineers and sub contractors have a wide brief. For example, their duties include the management of our access control equipment, Wallgate Hand Wash systems and plumbing, as well as maintenance of our counters and other systems.
The team are well equipped to deal with any issues that arise and work across the country from Cork to Donegal!

Latest News

  • Changing Places Toilets 28/03/2022 - On Friday the Government annouced the details on the first round of funding for the installation of Changing Places toilets across England. The list of recipients can be found here. £23.5m worth of the funding has been allocated across 191 councils and will see 513 new Changing Places toilets installed in public places and tourist… ... View Article
  • Our First Army Cadet hut to Banff in Scotland 14/02/2022 - This week we are excited to be delivering our first Army Cadet hut to Banff in Scotland – it’s a four module building designed for both classroom and drill hall work. Thank you to Ally Rennie for the local support and to the Healthmatic team on site to install the cladding. ... View Article
  • London’s long-term lav affair ( BBC report) 19/01/2022 - London is home to many fine and famous firsts: the first one-way street; the first commercially made jigsaw puzzle; the first sale of a banana in Britain - and the first public flush toilets. The provision of lavatories has always been about more than simply somewhere to do one's business. For women in particular, to… ... View Article
“Healthmatic have made a massive contribution to the development of public toilets across the UK & Ireland.”
Richard Chiswell, President
British Toilet Association