Timed Access

When looking at the overall effort of operating a building, whether it be a community hall or public toilet, there is very often a disproportionate time and cost which is taken by the opening and closing.

There are many reasons for this:

  • · Each open / close is a special trip and not part of a round.
  • · Holiday cover often needs to be arranged.
  • · The member of staff is unwell and again cover needs to be arranged.
  • · The opening time means that the staff member starts earlier than they otherwise would.

The Healthmatic Timed Access system for public toilets and community halls is designed to cope with just this situation.

Through the use of either the existing electronic locks or the introduction of new magnetic locks, we can operate your main door or multiple doors on a timed basis.

The most simple solution is a single door with a static time for opening and closing. The timings can easily be changed but only by operating the timer onsite.

It is also easy to install a system where the timer is cloud based and the operator can manage the opening and closing times remotely via their PC.

In both cases, the timer can be associated with a CoinPay or other access control system. For instance, you might want to open a building from 7am – 7pm, and only if the user presents 20p.