Recent Jobs

On this page below, you will find links to all of our most recent jobs across the UK and Ireland. Whether its modular toilets in Torbay, refurbished spaces in Bath, or the beautiful new toilets in the City of York, we are very proud of all the buildings we install and manage for our existing clients.

We take great pleasure in seeing your vision for your community space come to life, and we always want to ensure that both you and your customers and constituents are happy with what has been installed.

Most of the recent jobs included on this page feature our latest public toilets, we also offer footfall counters, bicycle counters and car counters which can help you get the data you need to make informed budget decisions. Our access systems are also available for other types of buildings apart from public toilets, such as town halls or community libraries. Access can be made available free, through coinpay, contactless payments, RADAR key and multiple other options.

Visit our contact us page and get in touch today to find out how we could help your community flourish, whether by installing new public toilets to support the town and tourism, managing access to your public buildings, installing people counters, or any other projects for your town.